Elise van Wonderen

Elise van Wonderen

PhD candidate

University of Amsterdam


I am both interested in theoretical topics within bilingualism, psycholinguistics and language acquisition, as well as in developments within the field of applied statistics and data analysis. More specifically, I like conducting psycholinguistic experiments to study bilingual first language acquisition, and I am enthusiastic about increasing the robustness of results by means of multi-method studies and research synthesis.

Currently, I am conducting my PhD research within the MultiCUE project. My PhD research focuses on the pragmatic communication abilities of multilingual children. I will investigate whether these abilities differ from those of monolingual peers, and what the mechanisms are that underlie such differences.

  • Bilingualism
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Language Acquisition
  • Research Synthesis
  • Research Master Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences, 2022

    Utrecht University

  • Research Master Linguistics, 2020

    Radboud University

  • Master Multilingualism and Language Acquisition, 2017

    Utrecht University

  • Bachelor Latin-American Studies, 2016

    Leiden University